10 Not Very Tempting Jobs … But Very Well Paid

Would you be able to dedicate yourself to one of these strange professions? The good: the salary.

You have to face it: we live in a pretty bad economic context, especially if you are a young person. We have worse jobs than our parents had, with worse economic conditions and worse prospects for progress.

The “titulitis” generation

Of course, if there is one phenomenon that bothers us as a young generation, it is the paradox of academic degrees. We had been told when we were children that, if we studied hard, our effort would pay off a few years later, in the form of good jobs that would make us as a person and that would allow us to live, at least, with the same comforts as our parents: a Nice house, money to travel and discover other cultures, entertainment …

But it was a lie.

However, in this eagerness to want to build a better future, we wanted to follow the pre-established rules and we have been a slave to ‘titulitis’. Titulitis, which is this imperative need to have diplomas of all kinds to prove our wisdom and our academic success. But, as we have seen later, collecting titles was no guarantee of finding work.

Economic conditions and wages

How much do young people earn today? In Spain, in addition to having a youth unemployment rate of around 50% (yes, it is said soon), the “lucky ones” who manage to find a job are not in a much better situation. Most earn salaries within the SMI range (€ 655 per month) and € 1,000. Salaries that, in any case, allow a fairly low standard of living, with minimal comforts.

Disgusting jobs … but that are paid at the price of gold

Have you ever dreamed of receiving a salary of € 3,000, 4,000 or € 5,000 per month? Maybe yes, but surely you are realistic and it does not occur to you that you can find a job with these characteristics, at least in the short term. It is possible that when you think of jobs in which these amounts are paid you think of executives, company directors, and so on. But there are also jobs “of another style” in which it is paid very well. Although of course, they may not be so appetizing.

What are these jobs that can get us out of misery? Believe me, there are jobs that pay very well, although everything has its friendly side and its less friendly side : they are usually jobs that nobody wants to do, because of their hardness, or because of some circumstance that makes them … unappetizing.

Unpleasant jobs with good wages

In this article we will review a total of 10 jobs that are very well paid … because they are the least suggestive.

1. Chicken sexer

A classic among jobs that are a bit… weird. Knowing how to guess (because it really is complicated) the sex of chickens is a very uninviting job, but it pays very well: up to € 5,000 per month. But it is not that easy, as it requires more than three years of training to be able to discriminate between male and female chickens quickly and accurately enough. Spending the day staring at chicken butts doesn’t sound too exciting, but the pay may pay off. It’s up to you.

2. Embalmer of Corpses

If the job of chicken sexer has seemed a bit strange, better not read this. Corpse embalmers can earn more than € 3,000 per month performing chemical treatments with which to “clean” people who have already died. The high salary is not due so much to the fact of being in contact with the dead (although it is certainly not something that most people are excited about), but rather because of the danger of working with chemicals.

3. Director of a bank

Yes, a great salary. But you are going to be pointed out on the street and you are going to be ultimately responsible for everything that happens in your entity, of course also the bad. Does that make up for a monthly salary of € 15,000 (or much more)? Well, you can start studying economics. If your father was already a bank manager, you have it easier.

4. Tailcoat collector

The collectors of the tailcoat chase the defaulters and debtors down the street. The positive: they charge good amounts, usually a commission of what they manage to collect. The bad: as you come across a debtor who is a bit aggressive, you can come out very badly.

5. Hot dog vendor

In large cities, such as London, New York or Chicago, employees of large companies have little time to eat. Also, downtown restaurants in these cities tend to be very expensive. Solution? Eat at a fast food stall. Street vendors can earn between 35,000 and 75,000 euros per year. As much as some people find it a bit of a “crappy” job, it is good business.

6. Funeral services manager

More dead. Funeral services are responsible for helping in the moments of farewell to a recently deceased person, transporting the coffin and organizing the event. But yes, they earn a lot of money: more than 60,000 euros per year.

7. Golf ball rescuer

Does this job exist? Well yes. As you probably know, golf courses have small lakes and ponds into which, inevitably, many balls fall every day that went astray from their target. And of course, someone is going to have to dive to “rescue” the hundreds of balls that accumulate. A certain Jim Reid found a vein in this need, collecting with his company more than 100,000 balls a day in different golf courses.

8. Model somewhere the body

It is not a particularly hard or unpleasant job, but … would you feel good with a lot of photographers portraying and praising your feet, or another part of your body? Maybe you would feel like an object, right? It’s like admitting that your face is too ugly to be a model, but as for your feet… they are magnificent! Somewhat discouraging. Of course, if you manage to belong to a good agency, you can earn a lot of money.

9. Cruise entertainer

Do you have the soul of a clown? This may be your chance. Cruise entertainers spend the day animating the show, proposing games and fun activities. For retirees, of course. This includes playing bingo, ballroom dancing, monologues a bit old-fashioned … But if you like the idea, you have to know that they can charge more than € 3,000 per month. Not bad.

10. Notary

For some it is the perfect job: you put a signature on a document and you get a good pasture. It is true, but what is not usually known is that notaries have had to study a lot, a lot, to be able to get there. Although the salary pays off, only a select few with a lot of willpower can aspire to cast those “golden signatures”.

More weird jobs with indecent salaries

There are many more bizarre jobs with outrageous salaries. Do you know any that we have missed? You can leave it in writing by commenting on the web or on our social networks.

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