12 Psychology Manuals To Become A Great Professional

Unique works to know the science of behavior from different prisms.

Psychology is a discipline that generates great interest because it affects us all. Many people want to understand their own behavior and that of other people.

For decades, many texts have been published that enrich our knowledge on the subject. Therefore, in this article, we have put together a list of great psychology manuals that will be very useful for you.

Psychology manuals to learn about the science of behavior

Psychology is a very broad field, in which different areas or fields of application coexist. In this post we collect a variety of manuals of different specialties (clinical, educational, social, sports psychology, etc.) that aim to meet the needs of both students and professionals.

1. Psychologically speaking (Adrián Triglia, Bertrand Regader and Jonathan García-Allen)

Whoever thinks that a good psychology manual has to be a robust, complicated to understand and large book is totally wrong. “Psychologically speaking”, a work by Adrián Triglia, Bertrand Regader and Jonathan García-Allen, is an introductory book to psychology suitable for all audiences, because it explains things from scratch but, with great rigor and shows psychology as How is it.

Its fascinating pages reflect the disparity of positions within the science of behavior and show some of the classic investigations that serve as much to know ourselves as to know what psychology is. Likewise, it reviews different interesting topics for anyone interested in this discipline: the functioning of the mind and brain, memory, learning, emotions or the different fields of application such as, for example,  social psychology. 

In short, a book that you will not be able to stop reading, because, in addition to being entertaining, it will help you to have a clear image of what psychology is.

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2. Developmental psychology: childhood and adolescence (David R. Shaffer)

The subject of developmental psychology becomes entertaining and enjoyable with this work. A book that is very well explained, and reviews theories and research with clear language. In addition, it not only pays attention to the theoretical content, but it is a useful book for putting into practice the concepts presented in it.

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3. Psychology of sports training (José Maria Buceta)

Sports psychology is an area of ​​psychology that is experiencing a boom in recent years. More and more sports institutions and centers and even athletes themselves are hiring the services of a sports psychologist, aware of the benefits they provide in terms of sports performance.

If you like sports psychology, you will love this editorial. Inside, the psychological bases of sports training are reviewed and analyzed, and it is possible to find them necessary for both coaches and sports psychologists. An extremely useful and practical manual.

4. Fundamentals of psychology (María Luisa Delgado Losada)

This book presents psychology in an encouraging way and with updated and exhaustive information, to help students of the first years of the psychology career to acquire critical thinking in the area of ​​social sciences and health. A great book that stimulates learning.

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5. Foundations of social psychology (Rosa Rodríguez Bailon and Miguel Moya Morales)

This is the perfect manual to introduce yourself in social psychology, as it provides the basic knowledge about this area of ​​psychology. But one of the key points of this work is that it includes different CD-ROMs (one for each chapter) that facilitate the students’ work and allow a better assimilation of the subject. Without a doubt, one of the best books on social psychology.

6. Applying social psychology (Francisca Expósito Jiménez and Miguel Moya Morales)

Now, if what you want is to delve into this subject, especially in the applied field, this text is ideal. After taking a tour of the basic topics of social psychology, this text places special emphasis on the applicability of knowledge. 

The book deals with topics of psychosocial interest such as attribution, attitudes,  leadership, group influence, migration, gender violence. A very complete work with a very updated bibliography.

7. Psychology of old age (Carme Triadó and Feliciano Villar)

This manual selects the most important topics and questions of the current state of the psychology of old age. It is a useful educational tool for both students and related disciplines. This book is raised from an evolutionary perspective and, therefore, links are established between old age and previous moments. But, in addition, it contributes to an optimistic vision of this stage of life.

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8. The psychiatric interview in clinical practice (Roger Mackinnon)

The clinical interview is a qualitative information gathering technique in which the psychologist and his patient participate, and it is essential to create an adequate interpersonal relationship, which will help the psychologist to obtain reliable information.

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Clinical intervention in psychology is usually carried out within the clinical interview. This manual is a great text that will provide you with the necessary knowledge for this practice and will facilitate learning with good examples exposed in a clear and detailed way.

9. Manual of clinical psychology (G. Buela Casal, VE Caballo and JC Sierra)

Clinical psychology, in recent decades, has suffered great, and this work is an example of this. The text is structured around seven major topics, among which are: behavioral medicine, sexual dysfunctions, sleep disorders, anxiety disorders or addictive behaviors.  

Up to 41 leading Spanish and foreign specialists have participated in the preparation of this guide. The approach is fully applied and is therefore a practical manual for health science students and professionals.

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10. Manual of child and adolescent clinical psychology: Specific disorders (VE Caballo Manrique and MA Simón López)

A manual that deals with the psychological problems of childhood and adolescence, which presents a complete vision of the current situation and the advances in the area of ​​child and adolescent psychopathology. Internationally relevant research can be found on its pages. It also reviews characteristic disorders of these ages such as: conduct disorder, eating disorders, learning disorders … 

In each topic it is possible to find a description of these pathologies as well as the intervention from the cognitive-behavioral point of view.

11. Educational psychology manual (R. González Cabanach, JA González Pienda and JC Núñez Pérez)

Educational psychology (also educational psychology) is responsible for deepening learning and the most suitable educational methods so that students can develop their cognitive skills. In this sense, this book allows to know and delve into the most important theories and investigations of this subdiscipline of psychology, as well as helps to acquire the necessary tools to put all this knowledge into practice. 

Thus, this manual reviews, among other topics, intelligence and skills, academic motivation, learning styles and thinking styles or the interpersonal and contextual variables involved in school learning.

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12. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V)

The DSM is a manual published by the American Psychiatric Association and is also known as the “bible of mental disorders.” Many psychologists make use of this tool for the classification and diagnosis of mental disorders due to its great acceptance among the professional circuit. DSM provides a common language among the different mental health professionals to ensure a diagnosis with greater accuracy and consistency.

Other Psychology books

These manuals are, without a doubt, a great alternative if you want to learn about psychology and its different sub-disciplines, but there are other rather entertaining texts that you can read in your spare time and that you will surely like. 

If you want to know a selection of books on psychology and related fields that you cannot miss, you only have to click here.

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