Month: May 2019

The 24 Main Types Of Flour, And Their Properties

A summary of the main types of flour, with and without gluten, and their nutritional properties. The world of flours, although it may seem somewhat bland and bland like flour itself, it really is not. There are endless varieties of this essential ingredient in every cuisine in this vast and diverse world. Chickpea flour, beans,

The 6 Best Coaches In Malaga

Professionals specialized in offering psychological counseling and training in Malaga. Coaching is based on a series of psychological interventions that focus on improving the capacities and potentialities that already exist in people, and not so much on combating symptoms and problems that cause discomfort. For this reason, it is very common for professionals from various

The 7 Best Mindfulness Courses In Madrid

Different ways to start and train in Mindfulness in the capital of Spain. Mindfulness (or Mindfulness) techniques are part of a philosophy of life that incorporates, among others, the practice of meditation. Fortunately, more and more research is being done on this topic, and that is why new ways of using Mindfulness are being discovered

How To Create A Habit: 5 Steps To Achieve It

Behind any motivation there must be a method. We explain it here. Everyone has dreams that they wish would one day come true. Learning a new language, staying in shape, finishing a career and more can be goals we want to achieve, but these will never materialize without good habits. Habits are behaviors that are

10 Nutritional Properties And Benefits Of Peanuts

Although we tend to underestimate them, peanuts are a nut of high nutritional value. Why have we been told so badly about the nutritional properties of peanuts for decades? This food, also known as ‘peanuts’, is a dried fruit that belongs to the legume family. These types of legumes are the best source of protein among