Month: June 2019

Why Are People Always Late For Appointments?

Some psychological keys of “late” people. It seems incredible, but there are people who seem unable to get to places on time despite planning their schedules and having their eyes fixed constantly on the clock. It is problematic, especially when this delay, which is related to the time at which the trip to the meeting

The 8 Types Of Characters (and Their Characteristics)

Blood, passionate, phlegmatic, amorphous, choleric character … which one do you identify with? What is character ? What types of character are there and how are they classified? Le Senne himself defines characterology as “the methodical knowledge of men, as each one is distinguished from the others by its originality.” This concept will help us

Kuder’s Vocational Preferences Test

Also known as the Kuder Vocational Preferences Scale, it is used to choose a profession. There is a moment in everyone’s life when they have to decide what they want to do professionally; To do this you must first find out what he likes. The Kuder vocational preferences test is a test that evaluates these

The 6 Best Sports Psychology Courses For This Year

We have compiled the best training in this booming field. One of the fields of action that is giving more talk in recent times is Sports Psychology, which is focused on the manipulation of psychological variables that are relevant in the sports context: team cohesion, attention, level of activation, moods, etc. The truth is that

Psychology Of Work And Organizations: A Profession With A Future

Psychologists in companies, their functions and their importance for the health of corporations. Many students start the Degree in Psychology thinking about dedicating themselves to Clinical Psychology, but as the career progresses,  they realize that it is increasingly difficult to dedicate themselves to that area of ​​psychology. At present, one of the fields with the

Kilian Jornet Motivating Quotes About Life

One of the Spanish athletes with the most milestones behind him. Today we have a collection of Quotes by Kilian Jornet, a famous and motivating mountaineer who lived in the mountains as a child, and who now dedicates himself to incredible races through mountains and peaks of all kinds. Kilian Jornet Burgada was born in

Psychologists Don’t Sell Their Empathy

Psychologists are often criticized for having well-formed opinions and not giving them up. Perhaps due to the influence of counseling , perhaps due to the influence of  humanistic psychology, there are many people who believe that psychologists are characterized, basically, by being a kind of mystics.  Not the kind of mystics so alienated that it