Month: July 2019

Concentration On Penalties

One of the key moments in football may depend on our state of concentration. In any sport there are situations in which the importance of the psychological aspect becomes really remarkable. Penalties are a good example of this type of situation. When players have to shoot penalties they usually feel under pressure, especially if penalties

8 Great Myths About Modern Psychology

What misconceptions do many people have about the science of behavior? Psychology is one of the disciplines about which more myths circulate, partly because its subject of study is interesting for the general public and partly because, given the versatility of mental processes, all kinds of bizarre theories can be “invented” about how our brain

56 Mourning Phrases To Cope With Loss

These reflections can help you go through a loss process. Unfortunately, at some point in our lives we will all have to experience the loss of a loved one. After this painful loss, life can take a major blow and make us reflect on many things. In this article you will find the most inspiring

The Happiness Industry And Positive Psychology

Many of the criticisms of Positive Psychology could be based on a false dichotomy. To my surprise, in recent times I have been finding many allusions to a supposed “industry” based on the irrational and unconditional search for happiness on numerous media, television, radio and print channels . Like any argument or current that is