Month: August 2019

Max Horkheimer: Biography Of This German Philosopher

A summary of the life of Max Horkheimer, philosopher of the Frankfurt School. Max Horkheimer was a German philosopher, sociologist and psychologist known for having actively participated in the consolidation of so-called critical theory within the framework of the German Institute for Social Research. Like some of his contemporaries, among whom we can highlight Theodor

How To Enter Flow State? Interview With Raúl Ballesta

Interview with the author of “Be water, my friend: strategies to flow in sport and in life”. Raúl Ballesta Barrera is a Sports and Organization Psychologist oriented towards Positive Psychology, a trend that focuses its attention on the potential of human beings. Taking into account that in the sports world, attention management is a good

The 18 Best Phrases Of The Feminist Judith Butler

The American philosopher leaves us famous quotes to reflect on. Judith Butler (Cleveland, United States, 1961) is an American philosopher who has dedicated her life to the study of feminism. Among her main contributions to the field of gender and women’s studies, Judith Butler is recognized as one of the main representatives and ideologues of

Walter Dill Scott: Biography Of This Psychologist From The Corporate World

This researcher was a pioneer when it came to investigating the psychological foundations of advertising. Walter Dill Scott was an American psychologist who made many contributions to applied psychology, especially in the industrial area. As his biography shows us, Dill Scott laid many of the psychological foundations of advertising and current human resources principles. Below

The Benefits Of Lucid Dreams

Controlling dreams is a skill with more benefits than we thought. Have you ever heard of lucid dreaming ? Lucid dreams (also known as conscious dreams) are those dreams that we have and in which we are aware that nothing we are experiencing is really happening, since we know that we are asleep. There are