Month: September 2019

70 Phrases Of Socrates To Understand His Thought

Interesting reflections proposed by one of the first philosophers of ancient Greece. Socrates is considered the father of Western philosophy, although he did not worry too much about making future generations know him. He left no known written work, and almost everything that is known about him is due to the writings of his disciple 

The 8 Types Of Cognitive Distortions

What kinds of cognitive distortions exist and how do they fool us? We have known for a long time that it is not the events themselves that trigger our emotions but the interpretation we make about them. That is, how we perceive them and how we interpret them. Behind every feeling of  sadness, anger,  fear

The 52 Best Epic Phrases In History

A collection of famous quotes and reflections to keep fighting despite everything. Epic victories are those that are achieved when we fight against adversity and the elements around us do not seem to favor us. Strength of mind and strength of heart guide us and keep us alive despite difficulties. Epic phrases to remember There

Selective Attention: Definition And Theories

What is selective attention and why is it such an important concept in psychology? One of those interesting psychological concepts is the one that we will explain today, through its definition and the theories that have addressed it. We are talking about selective attention . Selective attention: defining the concept The selective attention, also called

23 Celtic Proverbs About Life, Friendship And Love

Celtic civilization understood life in a very particular way. Today I bring you a series of very thoughtful Celtic proverbs that talk about friendship, family and destiny among other interesting topics. Thanks to these reflections, we will be able to know a little better the philosophy of life of the ancient Celts, a civilization of

How To Regain Self-confidence? 5 Key Ideas

Several tips to gradually strengthen your level of self-confidence. Many of the good things we can do in our lives depend not so much on our innate abilities, but on the way we believe in our ability to face challenges. In other words, virtually no one succeeds in their most important projects simply because they