Month: October 2019

The 11 Best Fables Of Aesop

A selection of stories invented by this famous Ancient Greek fabulist. It is more than likely that throughout our lives we have heard or have been told a fable on occasion. These types of stories are narratives similar to stories generally starring animals, gods or inanimate objects but that in the narrative have characteristics of

Intragroup Communication: What Is It And What Are Its Characteristics

A summary that will help you understand the characteristics of this common type of communication. Do you know what intragroup communication consists of? In this article we will talk about this concept: its definition, functions and the three principles that govern it. But first we will analyze the concept of group, essential to understand intra-group

The 15 Barriers To Creativity, Explained

A series of psychological factors that hinder any creative process. Creativity is understood as the ability to create something new, whether in the form of ideas, objects, art, political ideologies, and a long etcetera. Creative thinking is something that is generally seen as something positive and a gift for those who have it very developed,

The 3 Pillars Of Balance In Personal Growth

Several keys that have been proposed to guide personal development and change processes. Throughout history and geography, one can find endless psychological, philosophical, sociological and religious currents that have tried to offer answers to the existential questions of life that as individuals endowed with intelligence we have been able to ask ourselves. When someone immerses

Toxic Parents: 15 Traits Children Hate

Parents who educate their children by breaking the laws of logic. Here are 15 examples. The vast majority of parents genuinely try to give their all for their children and do everything in their power to meet their needs, but even the best-intentioned parents make mistakes and engage in behaviors that are not beneficial to

Kuzu: Benefits And Properties Of This Macrobiotic

A macrobiotic food extracted from a plant native to Asia, very popular in Japan. Kuzu is one of the most important macrobiotic plants. In Asia it has been used as a medicine and as a food supplement since ancient times. Its worldwide popularization, which has occurred in recent decades, has led to scientific research on