Month: December 2019

12 Things Happy People Do

These are the habits that those who have learned to enjoy life carry out in their day-to-day lives. One of the vital objectives that all human beings have is to be happy, but to think that we can be in this state 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is not realistic. Now there

What Is The Somatic Marker Hypothesis?

This concept tells us about the relationship between emotions and decision-making. The human being is a complex animal. Underlying his reality as a living organism is both the ability to feel deep emotions and to elaborate cognitive hypotheses about the way in which reality is presented in front of him. For many years, emotion and

Neuroeducation: Learning Based On Neurosciences

What is neuroeducation and how can we educate our brain? In biology and neuropsychology laboratories it is possible to investigate the way in which basic mental processes work:  memory ,  decision-making, discrimination between different stimuli, etc. All these psychological functions tell us about the way in which our brain adapts to the environment and allows

10 Tips And Tricks To Boost Your Linkedin Profile

Several keys and tricks to have a LinkedIn profile that attracts companies in your sector. Social networks (RRSS) live a sweet moment today. In 2014, a survey carried out by ComScore indicated that that year there were 1280 million people registered to social media worldwide.  Today, Facebook is the most popular social network and, at