Month: January 2020

The Use Of Mindfulness In Addictions

Mindfulness can be a powerful therapeutic tool against addictions. Addiction is a current problem that affects millions of people, so it is normal that a lot is invested in researching ways to curb it through various types of therapy. Although there is no magic cure capable of eliminating the problem in a very short time

The 4 Differences Between State And Government

These two concepts tell us about different levels of power in modern countries. In order that the different people that are part of the same group can organize their activity, the human being has created and elaborated various mechanisms and organizations that allow a correct management of the behavior and activity of its components. These

Bf Skinner’s Theory And Behaviorism

Classical and operant conditioning as a way of understanding human learning. Burrhus Frederic Skinner is not only one of the most important historical figures in psychology ; it is, in many respects, responsible for its asserting itself as a science.  His contributions to this field are not only methodological, but also philosophical, and his radical