Month: February 2020

The 15 Best Apps For Traveling

Several programs for smartphones very practical when going on a trip. See new cultures, cities, landscapes, people, ways of life, monuments, celebrations … and not only see them but also feel and participate in them. Live new experiences, some of them can even change our lives. All this is allowed by the fact of traveling,

10 Exercises To Enjoy Toned Buttocks

A series of simple fitness routines to exercise the largest muscle group in your body. Physical exercise is one of the habits that we should all incorporate into our daily lives, because its health benefits are many: it helps us reduce stress, improves our cardiovascular health, our immune system and increases our self-esteem.  Many people,

Putamen: Structure, Functions And Related Disorders

This structure is part of the basal ganglia, one of the most important areas of the brain. The basal ganglia are a subcortical region that is involved in various physical and cognitive functions, particularly in movement, both voluntary and automatic. The nuclei that make up this superstructure have been grouped in different ways, giving rise

Mobile Addiction: 3 Symptoms That You Are Hooked

Being hooked on your smartphone can have psychological and relational consequences. In the era of technology and communications, there is a phenomenon that is worrying mental health professionals: there are more and more people with mobile addiction, completely “hooked” on their smartphone. We can see them absorbed in their day to day, messaging each other

Foucault And The Tragedy Of The Commons

Michel Foucault, the Tragedy of the Commons and Crossfit. What do they have in common? In political science, and more specifically in the field of collective action, there is a key concept: the Tragedy of the Commons. It is an idea that focuses the study on the existence of situations in which an agent, in

Laughter: What Is It For And How Many Types Of Laughter Are There?

Psychology explains why human beings laugh, and its function. There are few things that leave a better feeling than a real laugh. Traditionally associated with well-being and comfort, laughter is an element that has always been part of our way of acting and that is an emotional expression that we share with other species such

Baló’s Disease: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Baló’s concentric sclerosis is a disease that destroys the myelin of neurons. Baló’s disease is a rare neurological disease, similar to multiple sclerosis, that affects the myelin of the brain and causes symptoms such as muscle spasms, paralysis or seizures. It is a very disabling disease and today there is no cure. In this article

The Lüscher Test: What It Is And How It Uses Colors

The Lüscher Color Test is a projective test. Let’s see what it is and why it is criticized. The Lüscher Test is a projective evaluation technique that starts from relating the preference or rejection of different colors with the expression of specific psychological states. It is a widely used test in different areas and has