Month: March 2020

40 Great Phrases From Famous Songs In History

Popular music leaves us great reflections in its lyrics. Throughout history, music has accompanied us in all kinds of moments. Both in joys and sorrows, in situations of dejection or close emotional connection with another person (it is not uncommon to hear a couple talk about “our song”), there are many songs that have been

The Motivation Trap

The concept of motivation can be an excuse with which to self-sabotage ourselves without realizing it. Lack of motivation when it comes to achieving your goals is one of the most frequent obstacles that those who come to consultation complain about. They argue that it is impossible for them to perform certain tasks because they

Blindness (visual Impairment): What Is It, Types, Causes And Treatment

We explain the causes and subtypes of this severe disability. Vision problems are one of the most common physical conditions among the general population, it is estimated that the vast majority of people suffer or will suffer from some type of visual problem throughout their lives. However, such a vision problem does not have to

What Is Sublimation In Psychoanalysis?

A summary of the different definitions given to sublimation from psychoanalysis. One of the defense mechanisms of the psyche, raised by psychoanalysis, is repression, which authors such as Freud related to psychopathology and great emotional discomfort and dysfunctionality. However, Freud also proposed a mechanism that, similar to repression, consists in that instead of trying to

Smile: The App For Psychological Assistance Without Waiting

We spoke with the development team of Psonríe, a digital platform to seek psychological help. Times are changing and, with them, our perception of what psychological well-being means. Perhaps that is why today there are resources such as Psonríe, a digital platform accessed through an app that allows you to obtain psychological assistance online and