Month: April 2020

How To Regulate Anxiety At A Physiological, Motor And Cognitive Level

Several guidelines to avoid letting anxiety seriously affect our quality of life. Surely many times you think that you would like to know how anxiety works and what you can do to control it. One of the psychological problems that psychologists see in consultation more frequently is anxiety. Specifically, people without serious mental health problems

Karemi Rodríguez Batista: “in Cases Of Low Self-esteem, The Objective Is Not To ‘raise It’, But To Improve Self-acceptance”

The founder of Psico-K explains to us what the therapeutic process is like in cases of low self-esteem. There are few mental health professionals who are capable of treating thousands of cases in their private practice and who at the same time take the time to dedicate to a noble educational vocation. Among this small

The 10 Strangest Sleep Disorders

Sexsomnia, bruxism, Kleine-Lane syndrome … we review the rarest sleep disorders. Sleeping is an act that we do every day with total ease. But for some people, sleeping becomes a difficult situation, because, during the night, their disorders surface, some of them extremely serious. The strangest sleep disorders In previous articles we already talked about

The 18 Best Phrases Of Risto Mejide

The Catalan publicist is famous for his vicious tongue and his television appearances. Today we have a compilation of phrases by Risto Mejide, a famous character who has been filming for years on television, a medium in which he has even directed his own programs. Risto Mejide (Barcelona, ​​1974) started in the world of music