24 Phrases Of Terror With Which To Feel Authentic Fear

Terror and horror, from the point of view of cinema and politics. Will you be able to sleep tonight?

Are you looking for horror phrases with which to test your courage? If you want to fall asleep tonight, better not continue reading, because these famous phrases and quotes about fear and horror are going to have you thinking for weeks.

Horror movies, despite giving us a hard time, we love it. How is it possible? The adrenaline that we secrete when we see other people suffer, we put ourselves in their situation and the mystery keeps us attentive to the screen for hours.

Horror and horror phrases in the cinema

It is this cinematographic genre that leaves us with the most brilliant horror phrases. In this article we will review some of the most famous and remembered, not only those that we have ever heard in the cinema but also in literature and in the world of politics and philosophy.

1. Sometimes I see dead people … (The Sixth Sense)

One of the most remembered, taken from the mythical film starring Bruce Willis.

2. Horror movies don’t create killers … It just makes them more creative (Scream)

Another mythical horror movie, and a phrase that can make your hair stand on end.

3. Knowing that you are going to die changes everything. You feel things in a different way and appreciate them very differently. However, people do not appreciate the value of their lives. They drink from the glass of water, but they don’t taste it. (Saw)

Extracted from the mythical film gore that was released in 2004.

4. I would give anything if the portrait grew old, while I remain young. Yes, my soul too. (The Portrait of Dorian Grey)

Prisoner of his  narcissism, young Gray sold his soul to the devil.

5. Later, when the video ends, the phone rings. It is someone who knows that you just saw him; and it only says: “You will die in 7 days.” (The Ring)

A macabre end after viewing the famous video of the well.

6. Let’s play a game… (Saw)

This phrase was pronounced by the clown on the bicycle to announce that the participants in the gloomy game had to try to escape to atone for their sins.

7. When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk on earth. (Dawn of the Living Dead)

A post-apocalyptic horror date.

8. I am not an elephant! I’m not an animal! I’m a human being! I am a person! (The elephant Man)

A heartbreaking phrase from the protagonist of this film, Joseph Merrick, affected by a rare disease that disfigured his face. Extracted from the film directed by the great David Lynch.

9. Hello! I’m Chucky, do you wanna play? (Chucky)

Behind the appearance of a child doll was the real devil doll.

10. Have you ever felt those sharp things on the back of your neck? They are … (The Sixth Sense)

Another terrifying phrase taken from M. Night Shyamalan’s film.

11. I am afraid to close my eyes. I am afraid to open them. (The Blair Witch Project)

A low-cost film that made a great impact on its time.

12. Pablo, record it all, for your **** mother! (Rec)

From one of the few horror films that Spanish cinema has produced.

Phrases about terror spoken by several famous people

To continue, we are going to know different famous phrases about terror that great writers, politicians and thinkers of history left us.

13. To put it bluntly, a short period of terror is needed in every village. (Mao Zedong)

One way of saying that political authoritarianism is justified in certain historical contexts.

14. Terror reigns in government, and there is nothing as cruel as fear, when fear is with weapons in hand. (Rafael Barrett)

The  fear gets placate to power.

15. We believe that there is a limit to fear. However, this is only the case until we meet the unknown. We all have unlimited amounts of terror. (Peter Hoeg)

If this phrase lets you sleep tonight, you are cold as an iceberg.

16. Terror is the feeling that paralyzes the mind in the presence of everything that is grave and constant in human suffering and unites it with the secret cause. (James Joyce)

A fairly accurate definition.

17. Terror breeds terror, always ready to become a counterterrorist terror: endless dialectic of violence. (José Luis Aranguren)

The law of the talion takes us down a disastrous spiral.

18. Terror has been used repeatedly throughout history to establish an obedient and neutral society in the face of injustice. (Bertrand Regader)

The Spanish psychologist analyzes in this sentence the influence of the regimes of fear.

19. What until then had maintained this practice of torture, was not an economy of example, in the sense that it would have to be understood in the time of the ideologues (that the representation of the penalty prevails over the interest of the crime), but rather a politics of terror: to make everyone sensitive to the body of the criminal, the unbridled presence of the sovereign. The torture did not restore justice; it reactivated the power. (Michel Foucault)

Biopower theorist, Foucault described how power bases its authority on terror and self-censorship.

20. The example was sought not only by raising awareness that the slightest offense was in danger of being punished, but by causing an effect of terror by the spectacle of power falling on the guilty. (Michel Foucault)

Another famous quote from the French psychoanalyst and sociologist.

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21. Politics is made of the words used to justify state terror. (Izzat Haykal)

Words of the Barcelona political scientist and writer.

22. Although in many of its aspects this visible world seems formed in love, the invisible spheres were formed in terror. (Herman Melville)

To reflect on fear and its hidden facet.

23. Old forms of government grow so oppressive that they must be eliminated, even at the risk of terror reigning.

A great phrase that links politics with oppression and fear.

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24. The terror of the politician is a society with the ability to contrast data. (Jonathan García-Allen)

Ignorance manages to crystallize true psychopaths in power.

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