33 Alimentos Para Perder Peso Sin Hacer Dieta

Una selección de alimentos para mantenerse en forma sin sacrificar momentos de placer ni ayunar.

Algunas personas son incapaces de seguir una dieta para perder perder peso. Aunque existen muchas de estas dietas que muy efectivas y saludables, hay otras que no lo son tanto.

Si nuestro objetivo es perder peso, lo ideal es estar bien nutrido y quemar más de lo que comemos. Ahora bien, hay algunos alimentos que nos ayudan a no caer en esa espiral de picoteos a todas horas y nos permiten nutrirnos sin tener que hacer ayunas ni tener la sensación de que no comemos lo suficiente. El truco está en darle al cuerpo lo que necesita para estar sano; ni más ni menos.

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Foods to burn fat without dieting

Nutrition becomes an important aspect if we want to lose weight. Now, it must be combined with physical exercise. Especially for those people who do not want to do one of those insufferable diets, we have prepared a list of the best foods to avoid gaining too many calories without having to sacrifice our happiness.

These foods have a series of properties that promote the burning of calories, for example, they are very satiating, increase metabolism or increase thermogenesis, which are the calories that the body burns to digest. These fat burning foods are:

1. Corn

Corn is a very delicious and, at the same time, nutritious food. It is one of the cereals with the highest fiber content, so it makes you feel more satiated and at the same time helps in the digestive process. Add great flavor to salads.

2. Chicken

Chicken (and lean meats in general) are an ideal food for weight loss. It is low in fat but is a great source of protein. Therefore, it helps build muscle, which promotes fat burning while you rest. Also, proteins promote thermogenesis.

3. Beans

A food rich in resistant starch, which is a substance similar to fiber. This substance is not fully digested and feeds healthy bacteria in the intestine, promoting digestion and burning fat.

4. Apple

The apple is a food with low caloric power, only 45 calories, and, in addition, it is purifying and causes a satiating effect.

5. Cinnamon

This food has a great taste and allows you to regulate blood glucose levels, so it helps you feel fuller and avoid carving.

6. Green tea

Green tea is one of those foods that help you feel fuller, as it is consumed with water. Just like when we have a soup, it is an ideal food to lose fat. Green tea speeds up the metabolism and contains the antioxidant ECGC, which accelerates the burning of calories and prevents the formation of adipose tissue.

7. Garlic

No matter how this food is consumed, garlic contains numerous vitamins and minerals. This food is also rich in “allicin”, a compound that promotes fat burning as it helps to eliminate excess fatty tissue from the body. Garlic can be added to any food for flavor.

8. Coconut oil

Oils are usually characterized by their high fat content. However, coconut contains a lot of healthy fats, which are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. These fats are very beneficial because they help produce hormones that help burn calories.

9. Orange

Orange is another one of those low calorie foods. It contains numerous nutrients, making it a very healthy food. Being a citrus fruit, it actively participates in the detoxification of the liver, as it increases its ability to digest and burn fat. However, you have to eat it whole, not just the juice, which is basically sugar water.

10. Jalapenos

Spicy food in general increases the metabolism and therefore the body consumes more calories. In the case of jalapeños, the main responsible for burning fat and accelerating metabolism is capsaicin.

11. Oats

Oatmeal is a very complete cereal, because, in addition to carbohydrates, it contains proteins, minerals and antioxidants. It is a food that keeps you satiated longer, with low fat content and is very nutritious.

12. Coffee

Coffee is another of those foods that increase metabolism thanks to caffeine. This active substance helps to burn different types of fat and promotes lipolysis. Although it is not highly recommended to drink high doses of caffeine, it is okay to consume one or two coffees a day.

13. Natural yogurt

Yogurt is a food that contains carbohydrates and also proteins that help in muscle building, so the more muscle, the more the basal metabolism accelerates. That is, you burn more while you rest. In addition, the vitamin D in yogurt reduces the level of cortisol in the body, which prevents the accumulation of fat in the abdomen due to stress.

14. Salmon

One of the healthiest fish is salmon, which contains a large amount of polyunsaturated fats, including omega 3 fatty acids. These promote fat burning.

15. Quinoa

Quinoa, like oats, also contains a high amount of protein. These proteins have a high biological content, since oats are a complete source of essential amino acids. This superfood is one of the most recommended for fat loss.

16. Lentils

Lentils have great satiating power, as they are rich in fiber and protein. They also promote balance in sugar levels in the body and allow carbohydrates to be processed more effectively.

17. Pear

Pear is a delicious food, and like other fruits, it is also high in fiber. It is a food with a low caloric level, which can be eaten alone or in a delicious salad.

18. Tuna

Tuna is a great source of protein, so it helps burn more calories during the digestion process and promotes muscle building. It contains practically no fat, and what it does contain is omega 3.

19. Blueberries

This food is ideal for losing fat. Blueberries, additionally, help prevent bladder infections, as they prevent harmful bacteria from adhering to the walls of the urinary tract.

20. Walnuts

Nuts are high in fat, so their consumption should not be abused. Now, the vast majority of this fat is healthy. Walnuts are a food that is rich in fiber and, therefore, they have a satiating effect.

21. Eggs

Another high protein food. In fact, eggs are the food with the highest quality protein content. They are also rich in choline, which participates in the deactivation of genes responsible for the storage of abdominal fat

22. Broccoli

Broccoli has a low caloric value, but it is one of the most nutritious foods out there. It is rich in fiber, so it supports the digestion process.

23, Spinach

Spinach has always been associated with the famous character, “Popeye.” But even though they don’t actually make you stronger, they increase metabolism and promote fat burning.

24. Flax Seeds

Flax seeds contain a compound called “lignans” that is great for burning fat. They also contain essential fatty acids that increase metabolism and help lower the levels of bad cholesterol in our body.

25. Asparagus

Asparagus has a very low caloric value and therefore can be consumed frequently to burn those extra calories. This food is also a natural diuretic that also increases metabolism.

26. Tofu

Tofu is the ideal meat substitute for those who are vegan or vegetarian. Of Asian origin, this food is low in fat and calories. It can be combined with rice and vegetables, or it can simply be added to a salad to enjoy its benefits.

27. Brown rice

A high fiber food that, unlike processed rice, has a low glycemic index (GI) and does not cause hyperglycemia. It contains slow-absorbing carbohydrates, which are ideal for fat loss if eaten before exercising and are more filling.

28. Artichoke

The artichoke is one of the healthiest foods that exist and has a low caloric value. It is a highly cleansing food and is an excellent diuretic. It has the ability to speed up our metabolism.

29. Ginger

Ginger is ideal for weight loss because it increases digestive function. In addition, it is effective for all kinds of health problems, from a simple cold to stomach problems such as irritable bowel.

30. Cod

A fish low in fat but with a high protein content. A satisfying food that contains few calories.

31. Pumpkin

Packed with vitamins and minerals, pumpkin is high in fiber. That is, it is a highly satiating food that helps in the digestive process.

32. Prunes

Prunes are a food rich in fiber that also has a diuretic effect. Especially useful if they are consumed together with nuts.

33. Pinions

Pine nuts are a food high in polyunsaturated fats, which stimulate the release of hormones that reduce appetite. They can be added to a salad, eaten alongside prunes, or consumed as part of a recipe to flavor meat.

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