6 Misconceptions And False Myths About Older People

Various thoughts and myths about the elderly that do not correspond to reality.

There are many myths that accompany older people and the  aging process : loss of sexuality, bad character,  depression and a long etcetera.

Far from being rational, we fall into the error of generalizing traits in certain age groups, and older people are usually the worst off. To the outdated image in the way of thinking, we integrate a retrograde vision in the way of living and relating, something that increasingly collides with reality as shown by both the media and themselves.

Widespread myths and mistakes about aging

However, these myths survive despite the number of exceptions representing older people.

These are s eis ideas that we have made wrong about our elders.

1. Aging implies physical and mental deterioration

As we age, our abilities may be impaired, but this does not necessarily mean that we suffer disabling physical and mental decline. The key is to stay active to face old age at an optimal level and thus prevent loss of functionality. Being a primary health agent and promoting it instead of being carried away by what we think has to come.

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2. Older people develop a bad character

They often speak of curmudgeonly, impertinent and ill-mannered older people. However, we fall into the error of generalizing since these behaviors are not exclusive to older people. Don’t you know a nice, polite and caring senior? If so, don’t fall for this mistake.

3. We all have the same fate in aging

“The acts that I carry out in the present will determine my future.” This is a reality, so depending on what type of life you lead, this is how you will grow old. Start taking care of yourself now and follow the principles of active aging.

4. Aging is synonymous with loss of sexuality

Sexuality remains throughout life. With age, their activity may decrease, but the desire remains, as well as the exercise of their genital function.

5. As we get older we become more useless

This idea negatively affects opportunities for personal growth and autonomy.

In addition, it  contributes to social isolation and attacks the mood. It is so serious that others think this of the elderly, as that they themselves feel this way. If I do not believe in something, my actions will not be directed towards its search.

6. Older people are sadder than younger people

Sadness is not linked to the years, but to life circumstances and the way we face and overcome them. Older people will more likely live critical moments, it is natural, but life experience gives them tools to get ahead. Most older people reflect a high degree of well-being and happiness.

In conclusion

From the CSIC blog Aging in Network we conclude that…:

“Old age not only brings ailments: it also brings happiness. It is not getting old that makes you happy, but the circumstances associated with aging. “

And it is that they have not taught us to grow old, but the image of a generalized disabling and dependent old age is not real either. Today, maturity is one more stage of life characterized by healthy and active people who seek in a moment of fulfillment everything they wanted to do in life and could not for a multitude of reasons.

Surely if you stop to think you know people between 60 and 90 years old, happy, active, independent, full of energy and healthy. If so, do not fall into overgeneralization and get going to contradict all those myths using you as an example in the future.

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