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Obsessive Personality: 8 Habits That Lead To Obsession

People with a tendency to obsessive behavior manifest it in their daily way of acting. Throughout life there are numerous situations that are able to trap our mind in a loop that seems eternal. Recurring thoughts,  unjustified anxiety due to phenomena that constantly attract attention … These are characteristics of the obsessive personality, which, although

Interview With Catalina Briñez: This Is Psychological Therapy In Cases Of Gad

The psychologist Catalina Briñez tells us about the keys to Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a psychological disorder that affects many people with very different lifestyles; It is an anxiety disorder that is difficult for the sufferer to understand, as it is not linked to a specific source of fear or fear,

The Usefulness Of Online Therapy For Coronavirus Anxiety

Aspects in which online psychotherapy helps with anxiety caused by the pandemic. The coronavirus crisis has led to two situations for which there are no precedents in recent decades: psychological problems are affecting more people than normal, on the one hand, and many of these people cannot travel to the consultation of the psychologist, on

Internalizing Disorders: What They Are, Types And Treatments

A group of frequent emotional disorders during childhood. Knowing about internalizing disorders is very important, as they are a subset of emotional problems that occur in childhood and go unnoticed too often. They are characterized by the apparent discretion with which they present themselves, despite the fact that the child who lives with them carries

The 17 Best Apps To Treat Anxiety

The technology linked to telephony allows us to carry psychologically useful tools. The prevalence of anxiety disorders has increased in the last decade, and experts warn that in the case of children and adolescents stress is increasing alarmingly. The Spanish Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AEPNYA) affirms that this increase will have a great

Eysenck’s Incubation Theory: How Do You Get Phobias?

This theory proposed by Hans Eysenck provides an explanation about the causes of phobias. We have all experienced that feeling of anguish at times, caused by the presence of a real or imaginary danger. It’s about fear. But … what happens when this fear becomes pathological? So we are talking about a phobia. Eysenck’s incubation