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Memory Psychopathologies: Characteristics, Types And Symptoms

A summary classification about the psychopathologies of memory, differentiated and described. The human being is made up of memories. What we are is nothing more than what we are capable of remembering and integrating, the experiences that were lived in the past and defined us. This is why memory is such an important and valuable

Paracentral Lobe: Characteristics, Location And Functions

What is the paracentral lobe? Let’s look at the characteristics of this region of the cortex of the brain. The cortex of the human brain contains various gyri and convolutions that delimit different brain regions and structures, each with its respective functions and interconnected with each other. One of them is the so-called paracentral lobe,

Microcephaly: Symptoms, Characteristics And Treatment

This alteration in babies occurs when the skull or brain does not grow enough. The nervous system is one of the first systems in our body to begin to develop during pregnancy. Throughout the entire pregnancy and even throughout the individual’s life, this system is going to be modified and developed, especially from gestation to

The 5 Lobes Of The Brain And Their Different Functions

The different parts of the brain fulfill certain executive functions. Which? It is very common to believe that human thoughts, feelings and emotions have their origin in two parts of the brain that work together: the cerebral hemispheres, two practically identical halves that are distinguished by the processes that take place in them. This idea,