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“multiple” (split), A Film About Dissociative Identity Disorder

We take a look at this Shyamalan psychological thriller about Multiple Personality Disorder. Multiple personality or dissociative identity disorder (DID) has been dealt with in fiction on a recurring basis. The novel “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, by Robert Louis Stevenson, and the film “Psycho”, by Alfred Hitchcock, influenced a large

The 7 Causes Of The Mexican Revolution

This uprising began in 1910 and brought a social and political change in Mexico. The human being is a gregarious and social being, which throughout history has generated different ways of grouping and living collectively. But not all of them have always been successful: on multiple occasions inequalities, unrest, famine and totalitarian regimes have arisen,

What Is Hibris According To Greek Philosophy?

This concept associated with Ancient Greece marked the way of reasoning of the first thinkers. Greek philosophy is traversed by tensions and distensions between humans and the gods. The reflections and narrations that concern themselves with the relationship between the mortal and the divine, the wrong and the perfect, the order and the excess are