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Palilalia: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

This language disorder is characterized by the repetition of short phrases, words, or syllables. Probably the word Palilalia does not tell you anything, but surely you recognize or have heard of its symptoms: spontaneous and involuntary repetition of syllables, words or phrases. Palilalia is a language disorder similar to stuttering. This disorder is considered a

Interview With Catalina Briñez: This Is Psychological Therapy In Cases Of Gad

The psychologist Catalina Briñez tells us about the keys to Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a psychological disorder that affects many people with very different lifestyles; It is an anxiety disorder that is difficult for the sufferer to understand, as it is not linked to a specific source of fear or fear,

Types Of Epilepsies: Causes, Symptoms And Characteristics

Epilepsy can be classified into different categories based on its symptoms and signs. Epileptic seizures are complex phenomena, especially considering that there are different types of epilepsy. Already in the Bible, even in older Babylonian documents there are references to epilepsy, called at that time morbus priest or sacred disease, which through which people lost

Fear Of Colors (chromophobia): Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

We explain the characteristics, symptoms and causes of this rare phobia. The world of psychopathology is a complex world, and there are many disorders that human beings can experience. Personality, mood, anxiety disorders … the latter are one of the most frequent reasons for psychological consultation. Among the different types of anxiety disorders, phobias stand

Alzheimer’s: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention

A neurodegenerative disease that affects many people in their old age. Cancer, HIV / AIDS and dementias are some of the disorders that are of greatest concern today in the western population, being some of the most frequent disorders that still do not have an effective solution or treatment. Within the group of dementias, the

Child Occupational Therapy: What Is It And What Are Its Goals

A summary of how child occupational therapy works and how it works. Some children may have some difficulties in their daily life. These limitations may be due to simple individual differences, since there are children who are better at some aspects while others are more difficult. But sometimes problems can be really worrisome, especially if