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Memory Psychopathologies: Characteristics, Types And Symptoms

A summary classification about the psychopathologies of memory, differentiated and described. The human being is made up of memories. What we are is nothing more than what we are capable of remembering and integrating, the experiences that were lived in the past and defined us. This is why memory is such an important and valuable

Microcephaly: Symptoms, Characteristics And Treatment

This alteration in babies occurs when the skull or brain does not grow enough. The nervous system is one of the first systems in our body to begin to develop during pregnancy. Throughout the entire pregnancy and even throughout the individual’s life, this system is going to be modified and developed, especially from gestation to

Adynamia: Characteristics And Causes Of This Movement Disorder

This symptom linked to weakness occurs in many physical and psychological disorders. There are different pathologies that affect the movement of people, but one of the most intense is adynamia. We are going to delve into everything related to this disorder to better understand how it develops, what its repercussions are and if there is

How To Prevent Anorexia? Tips To Avoid The Development Of This Disorder

Tips to minimize the chances that a young person will develop anorexia. Anorexia has become a veritable epidemic in recent decades. Eating disorders are among the leading causes of death at an early age and are one of the most common chronic diseases in adolescence. The body dysmorphia associated with this disorder causes patients to

Internalizing Disorders: What They Are, Types And Treatments

A group of frequent emotional disorders during childhood. Knowing about internalizing disorders is very important, as they are a subset of emotional problems that occur in childhood and go unnoticed too often. They are characterized by the apparent discretion with which they present themselves, despite the fact that the child who lives with them carries