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Walberg’s Educational Productivity Model: What It Is And What Does It Propose

This explanatory model of education sees learning as a productive process. In educational psychology many theories are known that attempt to explain how students learn. Here we will learn about Walberg’s educational productivity model, which tries to determine what factors influence the student’s academic performance or achievement, and in what way. According to the model,

“i Want To Be A Psychologist”: 10 Keys To Successfully Complete A Degree In Psychology

A mini-guide to surviving the College of Psychology. A few weeks ago we wrote a text to help future students of Psychology to reflect on 10 elementary points about their vocation, some specific doubts about the career, etcetera: ” Why study Psychology? 10 points that you should value “ However, having enrolled in the degree

How To Prevent Anorexia? Tips To Avoid The Development Of This Disorder

Tips to minimize the chances that a young person will develop anorexia. Anorexia has become a veritable epidemic in recent decades. Eating disorders are among the leading causes of death at an early age and are one of the most common chronic diseases in adolescence. The body dysmorphia associated with this disorder causes patients to