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Behavioral Therapies: First, Second And Third Wave

The three generations of therapies show the evolution of health-centered psychology. Throughout the history of psychology, there have been multiple approaches and theories that have emerged with the aim of explaining how the human mind works, what psychological mechanisms influence and participate in our behavior and even how they can be altered in a way.

Emotional Validation: 6 Basic Tips To Improve It

What is emotional validation and how to take advantage of it? The emotional validation is a process of learning, understanding and expression of acceptance of the emotional experience of another individual or self ( emotional self – validation ). The opposite of emotional validation is “emotional invalidation,” which refers to the rejection, ignorance, or judgment

Personal Dissatisfaction: Why Does It Arise And How To Overcome That Feeling?

Dissatisfaction is can affect almost all of our day-to-day experiences. Throughout our lives it is natural to feel dissatisfaction, either in relation to our personal, sentimental or professional life. However, when that dissatisfaction lasts too long it ends up creating discomfort, limits your life and you feel more and more difficulty in your relationships or