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Adrenal Glands: Functions, Characteristics And Diseases

These glands are responsible for producing hormones that fulfill a series of fundamental functions. Our endocrine system is made up of a set of organs and tissues that are responsible for regulating vital functions for our body through the release of different hormones. Aspects as important for survival as the proper functioning of the metabolism

The 13 Types Of Abortion (and Their Psychological And Physical Effects)

The development of a fetus or embryo can be interrupted by many circumstances. Having children is for many people one of their vital goals, many partners looking for the pregnancy to occur actively and voluntarily. However, such development may be impaired or need to be interrupted for various reasons. In addition, in other cases there

Adynamia: Characteristics And Causes Of This Movement Disorder

This symptom linked to weakness occurs in many physical and psychological disorders. There are different pathologies that affect the movement of people, but one of the most intense is adynamia. We are going to delve into everything related to this disorder to better understand how it develops, what its repercussions are and if there is