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Why Psychotherapy For Health Workers Is Key During The Pandemic

These are the 5 reasons why psychology services for health are essential. One of the most important aspects to understand the crisis of the global pandemic produced by the coronavirus is the fact that, although the people most affected by the health consequences (not economic) of this global pandemic are relatively few, they are not

Cancer Types: Definition, Risks And How They Are Classified

A serious disease that, unfortunately, has a great incidence in the West. Cancer, unfortunately, is a disease that is talked about very frequently today. According to estimates by the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM), in 2015 220,000 new cases were diagnosed in Spanish territory.  Likewise, the same institution affirms that the future is alarming,

The Effects Of Brain Lobotomy: A Summary

A description of the most common effects lobotomy produced in patients. Throughout human history, disciplines such as medicine, psychology, psychiatry, and biology have had dark episodes. From eugenics, to concentration camp doctors and the defense that racial differences explain differences in intelligence, there are not few cases in which science was wrong and harmed a