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Why Are So Many People Gossiping?

The transmission of gossip is a constant in practically any type of society. Why? The world of gossip is not simply something that sticks to junk  TV ; it is deeply installed in our lives, even when we believe that we do not participate in it. In fact, rumors and gossip are phenomena that have

Now What? Adapting To A New Work Reality

After the first wave of infections, we faced the challenge of adapting to the new work reality. “Normal” life begins to resume for a large part of the population after confinement by COVID-19, we begin to have more freedom of movement, we can see family and friends, we can make “non-essential” purchases, we can go

The 13 Types Of Abortion (and Their Psychological And Physical Effects)

The development of a fetus or embryo can be interrupted by many circumstances. Having children is for many people one of their vital goals, many partners looking for the pregnancy to occur actively and voluntarily. However, such development may be impaired or need to be interrupted for various reasons. In addition, in other cases there