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The 14 Benefits Of Showering With Cold Water

This habit can be very advantageous if we incorporate it into our routine. In most people, the thought of showering evokes pleasant sensations. This iconic and pleasant image will immediately disappear if we add the detail that the shower in question is with cold water. However, a large number of people intentionally shower with cold

Emotional Validation: 6 Basic Tips To Improve It

What is emotional validation and how to take advantage of it? The emotional validation is a process of learning, understanding and expression of acceptance of the emotional experience of another individual or self ( emotional self – validation ). The opposite of emotional validation is “emotional invalidation,” which refers to the rejection, ignorance, or judgment

Pilar Conde: “online Therapy Is Not Different From Any Therapy, What Changes Is The Access Path”

We talk about what the online psychotherapy service is like and how it works. New technologies have caused changes in multiple areas of our lives, and of course in the way we interact with others. Today, we can buy online, study an online career and even go to psychological therapy without having to attend a