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What Is Hibris According To Greek Philosophy?

This concept associated with Ancient Greece marked the way of reasoning of the first thinkers. Greek philosophy is traversed by tensions and distensions between humans and the gods. The reflections and narrations that concern themselves with the relationship between the mortal and the divine, the wrong and the perfect, the order and the excess are

The 12 Best Phrases Of Empedocles

A great doctor and politician who left us an exceptional philosophical legacy. Empedocles of Agrigento (495 BC – 444 BC) was a prominent Greek philosopher and politician. Ancient Greece, Empedocles played an important role in the development of rationalist philosophy. Very influenced by the ideas of Parmenides, he believed in the immutability of what exists.

The 14 Best Phrases Of Anaximander Of Miletus

These are the most famous reflections of the Greek philosopher who proposed the “arché”. Anaximander of Miletus (610 BC – 545 BC) was a philosopher and geographer of special importance in Hellenic thought. Like his teacher Thales, Anaximander was born in the city of Miletus, and shared teachings and reflections with Anaximenes, who was his

The 11 Best Fables Of Aesop

A selection of stories invented by this famous Ancient Greek fabulist. It is more than likely that throughout our lives we have heard or have been told a fable on occasion. These types of stories are narratives similar to stories generally starring animals, gods or inanimate objects but that in the narrative have characteristics of