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The 10 Main Hindu Gods, And Their Symbolism

A review of the mythology of this original religion of the Indian subcontinent. Unlike other religions that have followers in a large number of countries, the Hindu gods are mostly venerated in India, where their legends originated 4000 years ago, in the Indus Valley. One of the most interesting differences from other cultures is that

Herbert Spencer: Biography Of This English Sociologist

This controversial researcher applied the idea of ​​”survival of the fittest” to social analysis. Herbert Spencer (1820-1903) was an English philosopher and sociologist who made a strong case for liberalism from the perspective of Social Darwinism. His theories greatly influenced the economy and theories of government of the 20th century. We will see below a

10 Irish Legends Steeped In Mythology And Folklore

Ireland is a country with a millenary mythology. Let’s see some of its most outstanding legends. Irish legends are characterized by a mystical and symbolic content typical of Celtic culture. Its main characters are usually magical, divine or mythological beings with supernatural powers, who coexist with humans in different ways. The legends take place in

The Origins Of Religion: How Did It Appear And Why?

A practically universal phenomenon with an ancient beginning. How did religions appear? Throughout history, faith and religion have been an important part of society, worrying about offering an explanation to the unknown. Today Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism are the five major religions, although there are many other religious professions. And many more have

14 Short Mexican Legends Based On Popular Folklore

Several stories based on Mexican oral culture, legends with decades of history. Short Mexican legends are famous for their mystical content and the cultural syncretism that makes them up. They are an important part of popular culture, since they represent and at the same time transmit values ​​and imaginations about life and death, the masculine

What Does Lilac Mean In Psychology?

A review of the concepts and sensations related to this shade of violet. The lilac color is one of the shades of violet, which is generated by combining the latter with the color white. Violet, in turn, can be obtained by combining a cool color (blue) and a warm color (red). Both violet and lilac