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Harry Stack Sullivan: Biography Of This Psychoanalyst

A benchmark of psychoanalysis that created Interpersonal Psychoanalysis. The history of the study of psychology, although of relatively recent beginning, is full of important figures and of different schools and currents of thought. All of them have contributed their vision regarding the psyche and behavior, in some cases opposing each other. Among the different schools

Herbert Spencer: Biography Of This English Sociologist

This controversial researcher applied the idea of ​​”survival of the fittest” to social analysis. Herbert Spencer (1820-1903) was an English philosopher and sociologist who made a strong case for liberalism from the perspective of Social Darwinism. His theories greatly influenced the economy and theories of government of the 20th century. We will see below a

Richard Lewontin: Biography Of This Biologist

Lewontin is one of the most controversial evolutionary biologists, a strong opponent of genetic determinism. Richard Lewontin is known within his field, evolutionary biology, as a controversial character. He is a staunch opponent of genetic determinism, but he is still one of the greatest geneticists of the second half of the 20th century. He is

Christian Wolff: Biography Of This German Philosopher

Wolff is one of the most important German philosophers in history. Let’s see why. Christian Wolff (1679-1754) was a rationalist German philosopher and mathematician, who stood out in the historical context of the Enlightenment, a movement both cultural and intellectual, especially active in Germany, France and England. This movement was committed to knowledge and its

Karen Horney And Her Theory Of Neurotic Personality

Horney was one of the first representatives of neo-Freudianism and feminist psychology. The psychiatrist Karen Horney was one of the leading representatives of neo-Freudism, a movement that challenged the conventions of traditional psychoanalysis and allowed this theoretical orientation to expand, especially in the field of neurosis. Horney was also the first female psychiatrist to publish