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Work Addiction, Related To Psychiatric Disorders

Some psychopathologies could go hand in hand with addiction to work. Which? Addictions are usually culturally associated with the small pleasures in life that most of the population recognizes as such: sweet or carbohydrate food, Internet use, tobacco (for smokers), etc.  However, addictive behaviors related to tasks can also occur that not everyone appreciates. Work

The Perspective Theory Of Daniel Kahneman

A theory about how we value the possibility of losing or winning when making a decision. In the field of psychology applied to economic behavior , the figure of Daniel Kahneman stands out, an American-Israeli author whose work has focused on the determinants of decision-making in situations in which profits and losses are uncertain.  This

The 8 Types Of Decisions

What are the factors that help us or discourage us from making a decision? Living is choosing, it is a constant change. In our daily life, we are all used to having to make decisions about a myriad of issues that affect us.  From the most mundane decisions (what shirt will I wear today, what

Intragroup Communication: What Is It And What Are Its Characteristics

A summary that will help you understand the characteristics of this common type of communication. Do you know what intragroup communication consists of? In this article we will talk about this concept: its definition, functions and the three principles that govern it. But first we will analyze the concept of group, essential to understand intra-group