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The Best Coaching Training In Madrid

Some tips and recommendations about specialization courses in coaching in Madrid. Coaching is an area of ​​work in which more and more people are involved in more areas of professional and personal life. Coaches can work on teamwork processes, improving the organizational climate, worker motivation, and even stress regulation, among other applications. For this reason,

Luis Carchak: The 3 Ways To Do Coaching

Luis Carchak explains the three fundamental ways of coaching people and teams. Luis Carchak, an expert in coaching, details three ways of coaching and what results can be expected from each of these interventions. “Three possibilities of action that generate very different changes and results and that, in all cases, are also transformative for me.”

Psychological Treatment To Enhance The 24 Personal Strengths

A step-by-step guide to develop your personal virtues. Traditionally, psychology has focused mainly on eliminating symptoms, something that the patient demands when he comes to consultation. In this way,  if you have depression, you demand to  remove sadness and hopelessness, and if for example you have  anxiety (with breathing difficulties, palpitations, etc.) you want to

The 10 Myths About Coaching

We clear up some common confusions about Coaching. Although today it is considered a fad or a popular tool, in reality  Coaching is one of the oldest human empowerment tools that exist, in addition to the ones that report more self-knowledge, learning and well-being to people. Why?  Simply because this tool follows the principles of

The 3 Pillars Of Balance In Personal Growth

Several keys that have been proposed to guide personal development and change processes. Throughout history and geography, one can find endless psychological, philosophical, sociological and religious currents that have tried to offer answers to the existential questions of life that as individuals endowed with intelligence we have been able to ask ourselves. When someone immerses

The 6 Best Coaching Courses In Madrid

A selection of options to train in coaching (or in one of its branches) in the capital of Spain. Coaching is a scope of work that broadens the scope of what has traditionally been psychology to also include personal development. That is why many professionals in psychological intervention are interested in gaining experience in this