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8 Cognitive Stimulation Exercises For The Elderly

Various exercises to buffer the deterioration of cognitive functions in older people. As with our physical capacity or performance, over the years, our psychological abilities decline due to age-specific neuronal degeneration. If we add to this the possibility of suffering a neurodegenerative disease, these functions are still more affected. With the intention of delaying or

Edgar Morin’s Theory Of Complex Thinking

The theory of the French author delves into the confines of reflective and moral thought. Each person has their own vision of the events, in addition to being influenced and, why not say it, indoctrinated by the principles in which, unconsciously, their educational center, their social group or family have immersed them. Morality is something

What Is Really Intellectual Giftedness?

Characteristics and keys to detect a student with abilities well above average. Research in the area of ​​intellectual giftedness has historically been rather scarce, so this phenomenon today continues to be a field to study and understand at a necessarily deeper level. Contributions of United States origin make a distinction between the concepts “supergifted” (gifted