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Alzheimer’s: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention

A neurodegenerative disease that affects many people in their old age. Cancer, HIV / AIDS and dementias are some of the disorders that are of greatest concern today in the western population, being some of the most frequent disorders that still do not have an effective solution or treatment. Within the group of dementias, the

Binswanger’s Disease: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Of This Dementia

This type of vascular dementia is related to arteriosclerosis. Dementias involve the loss of brain function, and are due to multiple causes and diseases. They affect memory, thought, language, judgment and behavior, and appear especially from the age of 60. In this article we will talk about Binswanger’s disease, a neurological disorder that causes vascular

Depressive Pseudodementia: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

This alteration of cognitive abilities can appear in disorders such as depression. Many times, when a person suffers a depressive episode or disorder, their cognitive functions are altered; Thus, your ability to concentrate and your memory can decrease, for example. When these alterations are of sufficient clinical severity, we are talking about a depressive pseudodementia.

The 7 Phases Of Senile And Early Dementia

The cognitive impairment associated with dementia gives different warning signs depending on its evolution. The concept “senile dementia” is used to refer to degenerative diseases that affect cognitive functioning, particularly  memory, and that occur in advanced ages. On the contrary, we speak of precocious or presenile dementia when the symptoms occur earlier than would be