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Perinatal Depression: Causes, Symptoms And Tips To Overcome It

During pregnancy, some pre-mothers may feel deeply sad. Pregnancy is a period marked by illusions, but also by suffering. Some mothers experience, shortly before or after childbirth, what is known as perinatal depression (PND). This form of depression, which can be especially tragic for both her and her child, is a peculiar manifestation that requires

Internalizing Disorders: What They Are, Types And Treatments

A group of frequent emotional disorders during childhood. Knowing about internalizing disorders is very important, as they are a subset of emotional problems that occur in childhood and go unnoticed too often. They are characterized by the apparent discretion with which they present themselves, despite the fact that the child who lives with them carries

Differences Between Cyclothymia And Major Depression

These two psychological disorders have a common basis, but are expressed differently. Psychological disorders are very varied, but many of them coincide in terms of symptoms. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish clearly and sharply between a disorder such as major depression from others such as brief recurrent depression or bipolar disorder. That is why

Puerperal Or Postpartum Psychosis: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

One in 1000 women who have a baby suffers a psychotic break shortly after delivery. Symptoms of psychosis rarely appear in women in the immediate aftermath of childbirth. Although psychiatric manuals do not list puerperal psychosis as a specific disorder, many professionals use this concept to refer to such situations. In this article we will

Bradipsychia: What Is It And What Are Its Most Frequent Causes?

This symptom appears in mental pathologies that impair the ability to think fluently. Thinking is a highly complex mental action. Reasoning requires a great deal of intermediate mental processes. In order to adapt to the environment, it is necessary that we can react and use these processes with enough speed to be efficient. However, sometimes

8 Wrong Beliefs About Depression And Its Treatment

There are many things about depression that are a mystery, but certain ideas can be dismissed. Following a publication in El Mundo (digital version) in 2015, various misconceptions about depressive disorder were exposed . Sanz and García-Vera (2017), from the Complutense University of Madrid, have carried out an exhaustive review on this subject in order