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Why Are So Many People Gossiping?

The transmission of gossip is a constant in practically any type of society. Why? The world of gossip is not simply something that sticks to junk  TV ; it is deeply installed in our lives, even when we believe that we do not participate in it. In fact, rumors and gossip are phenomena that have

The 13 Types Of Abortion (and Their Psychological And Physical Effects)

The development of a fetus or embryo can be interrupted by many circumstances. Having children is for many people one of their vital goals, many partners looking for the pregnancy to occur actively and voluntarily. However, such development may be impaired or need to be interrupted for various reasons. In addition, in other cases there

10 Essential Characteristics Of A Good Psychologist

What are the qualities and virtues that a competent psychologist should have? Being a good psychologist is not always easy, as this profession can be stressful and overwhelming. Dealing with other people and their sometimes serious problems and helping them manage their emotions correctly can be exhausting. Among psychology professionals, it is known that, especially

Us Psychologists Participated In Torture Of Al Qaeda Prisoners

The APA legitimized torture programs of the United States government, according to a report. Recently, information has come to light that some members of the American Psychological Association (APA for its acronym in English) endorsed and legitimized torture programs to extract information from some detainees after 9/11. Specifically, the APA members involved legitimized certain torture

What Is Bioethics? Theoretical Bases And Objectives

A subdiscipline of ethics that studies the way we investigate with living beings. Throughout the history of humanity, human rights have been violated on multiple occasions, there have been negative and positive repercussions in the scientific advances of biomedicine in human life, and the advancement of industrial society has been prioritized at the expense of