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Perinatal Depression: Causes, Symptoms And Tips To Overcome It

During pregnancy, some pre-mothers may feel deeply sad. Pregnancy is a period marked by illusions, but also by suffering. Some mothers experience, shortly before or after childbirth, what is known as perinatal depression (PND). This form of depression, which can be especially tragic for both her and her child, is a peculiar manifestation that requires

How To Prevent Anorexia? Tips To Avoid The Development Of This Disorder

Tips to minimize the chances that a young person will develop anorexia. Anorexia has become a veritable epidemic in recent decades. Eating disorders are among the leading causes of death at an early age and are one of the most common chronic diseases in adolescence. The body dysmorphia associated with this disorder causes patients to

Psychological Help In Processes Of Infertility Or Assisted Reproduction

These processes are usually very demanding on a psychological and emotional level. Infertility, in all its variables, is an increasingly widespread problem, mainly due to the increasing age at which we consider becoming parents, although it can be due to multiple factors and, on many occasions, there is not even an explanation for why the