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Psychopathic Traits In The Human Figure Test

We analyze how people with antisocial disorder draw a human figure. The projective tests are one of the tools psicodiagn√≥stico most  psychotherapists clinical use. The basis of this is based on the fact that when writing, drawing or speaking, we project different aspects of our  personality, conflicts and even our aspirations unconsciously.  Usually, these tests have

What Is Vicarious Violence?

A type of indirect violence suffered by the most vulnerable: children. Gender violence  is one of the scourges that remain in force in today’s society. So far this year at least seven women have lost their lives at the hands of their partners, the first of them a few hours after the start of 2017.

The Psychological Effects Of Incarceration: What Happens In The Minds Of Prisoners?

The life of the prisoner is marked by the desire for freedom, by frustrations and defenselessness. The fact of being incarcerated and deprived of liberty has important psychological consequences. They can develop a chain of affective, cognitive, emotional and perceptual reactions and distortions, all caused by emotional tension within the prison environment. In addition, a

The 25 Most Insecure Countries In The World

What are the most dangerous states with the highest violent mortality rate? The world can be a wonderful place, but it can also be hostile and unsafe. There are countries where violence and insecurity are very present.  Every year, the Institute for Economics and Peace produces the Global Peace Index, which aims to find out