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The 13 Types Of Abortion (and Their Psychological And Physical Effects)

The development of a fetus or embryo can be interrupted by many circumstances. Having children is for many people one of their vital goals, many partners looking for the pregnancy to occur actively and voluntarily. However, such development may be impaired or need to be interrupted for various reasons. In addition, in other cases there

The Female Brain Is More Active Than The Male’s, According To A Study

The differences between the sexes are also reflected in the degree of activation of the brain. The psychological and neurological differences between men and women are one of the most interesting fields of study in the world of science applied to the study of the human being. Ultimately, the division between the sexes has a

Ecofeminism: What Is It And What Positions Does This Current Of Feminism Defend?

This current of feminist thought emphasizes the relationship between women and nature. Ecofeminism is one of the theoretical and practical currents generated in the 70’s, which pays attention to how the economic development of the dominant groups has promoted an excessive exploitation of nature and how this affects women in a special way. It arises

Autogynephilia: What It Is And Why It Is Not Considered A Paraphilia

Autogynephilia is a proposal for paraphilia that is not considered a valid psychological construct. Autogynephilia is a controversial concept that for years has been appearing in the debate about the relationship between sex and gender, and that is often used for political purposes. In this article we will see what it consists of and how