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David Mcclelland’s Theory Of Motivations

This well-known psychologist proposed a theory about three universal human needs. David McClelland’s theory of motivations is one of the best-known psychological models of human needs, especially in business and organizations. In this article we will analyze McClelland’s theory of the three needs and the most significant antecedents for its emergence. We will focus mainly

Behavioral Therapies: First, Second And Third Wave

The three generations of therapies show the evolution of health-centered psychology. Throughout the history of psychology, there have been multiple approaches and theories that have emerged with the aim of explaining how the human mind works, what psychological mechanisms influence and participate in our behavior and even how they can be altered in a way.

Harry Stack Sullivan: Biography Of This Psychoanalyst

A benchmark of psychoanalysis that created Interpersonal Psychoanalysis. The history of the study of psychology, although of relatively recent beginning, is full of important figures and of different schools and currents of thought. All of them have contributed their vision regarding the psyche and behavior, in some cases opposing each other. Among the different schools

Gordon Allport’s Theory Of Personality

The American psychologist devised one of the most respected corpus of theory on personality. Throughout history, the set of characteristics that make people different from each other, having a distinctive way of interpreting, acting and living life have been thoroughly studied. This distinctive pattern is what we commonly know as personality. Being an abstract concept,