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The Female Brain Is More Active Than The Male’s, According To A Study

The differences between the sexes are also reflected in the degree of activation of the brain. The psychological and neurological differences between men and women are one of the most interesting fields of study in the world of science applied to the study of the human being. Ultimately, the division between the sexes has a

Rubinstein-taybi Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

This disease produces both physical and mental alterations in newborns. During fetal development, our genes act in a way that they order the growth and formation of the different structures and systems that will configure a new being.  In most cases, this development occurs in a normalized way through genetic information from the parents, but

The Smarter, The Less Religious?

Several statistical studies shed light on this controversial question. The intelligence construct  is one of the great triumphs of scientific psychology and, at the same time, a subject that generates great debate and controversy.  When religion is included in these types of discussions , the mix is ‚Äč‚Äčexplosive. Especially if you start from a meta-analysis

What Is The Iq Of A Gifted Person?

Let’s see how intellectual giftedness is related to intelligence tests. Each and every one of us has certain cognitive abilities, which vary greatly depending on each person. These allow us to be able to adapt to the environment and solve problems, establishing strategies and allowing us to carry out a great diversity of behaviors. Evaluating