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9 Essential Friendship Poems For Life

A selection of verses that deal with the theme of friendship, one of the most complicated and emotional. The saying goes that “who has a friend, has a treasure”. Friendship, that strange relationship of trust, affection and affection between two or more people to whom they do not join blood ties but their own contact

The 10 Most Useful Educational Psychology Books For Parents

We have selected several essential titles to learn to educate children. Parents, overwhelmingly, want the best for their children .  However, the relationship is not always easy, as there are stages of life that can be complicated, especially during some years of childhood, and also the much dreaded adolescence. That’s why a good parenting psychology

The 8 Characteristics Of A Monograph

This type of document is one of the main sources of information in the academic world. It is likely that throughout our lives we need to document more or less extensively on a specific topic, either in order to carry out some type of academic or work task or to solve a problem about which

The 12 Best Phrases Of The Poet Rafael Alberti

Famous quotes from one of the top representatives of the Generation of 27. Rafael Alberti (Cádiz, 1902 – 1999) was one of the great Spanish writers, representative of the Generation of 27. This Cadiz writer was a member of the Communist Party of Spain and had to go into exile after the uprising that brought

The 12 Best Books By Erich Fromm

A literary selection of interesting essays written by the father of humanistic psychoanalysis. There is a wide variety of psychoanalytic theories. From Freudian psychoanalysis to divergent currents such as Adler’s individual psychology or Carl Jung’s deep, numerous authors have studied the human psyche from the postulates that originate the psychodynamic approach. One of the thinkers