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7 Exercises To Meditate At Home, Explained

Some simple exercises to meditate at home following easy-to-follow guidelines. Have you ever thought about getting started in meditation? Or maybe you already practice it? According to the scientific literature, this ancient practice has been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety and depressive symptoms in many people. Therefore in this article you will find

The Use Of Mindfulness In Addictions

Mindfulness can be a powerful therapeutic tool against addictions. Addiction is a current problem that affects millions of people, so it is normal that a lot is invested in researching ways to curb it through various types of therapy. Although there is no magic cure capable of eliminating the problem in a very short time

The 7 Best Mindfulness Courses In Madrid

Different ways to start and train in Mindfulness in the capital of Spain. Mindfulness (or Mindfulness) techniques are part of a philosophy of life that incorporates, among others, the practice of meditation. Fortunately, more and more research is being done on this topic, and that is why new ways of using Mindfulness are being discovered