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8 Cognitive Stimulation Exercises For The Elderly

Various exercises to buffer the deterioration of cognitive functions in older people. As with our physical capacity or performance, over the years, our psychological abilities decline due to age-specific neuronal degeneration. If we add to this the possibility of suffering a neurodegenerative disease, these functions are still more affected. With the intention of delaying or

Memory Psychopathologies: Characteristics, Types And Symptoms

A summary classification about the psychopathologies of memory, differentiated and described. The human being is made up of memories. What we are is nothing more than what we are capable of remembering and integrating, the experiences that were lived in the past and defined us. This is why memory is such an important and valuable

Binswanger’s Disease: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Of This Dementia

This type of vascular dementia is related to arteriosclerosis. Dementias involve the loss of brain function, and are due to multiple causes and diseases. They affect memory, thought, language, judgment and behavior, and appear especially from the age of 60. In this article we will talk about Binswanger’s disease, a neurological disorder that causes vascular

How To Memorize Fast? 13 Effective Tips

Several key ideas to memorize and learn in the most efficient way possible. Throughout the day we face a large amount of information, which continually bombards us and which we must process in order to adapt to the environment. Much of this information is not excessively relevant except when it appears, but sometimes it can