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7 Exercises To Meditate At Home, Explained

Some simple exercises to meditate at home following easy-to-follow guidelines. Have you ever thought about getting started in meditation? Or maybe you already practice it? According to the scientific literature, this ancient practice has been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety and depressive symptoms in many people. Therefore in this article you will find

How Does Chat Therapy Work?

We talk about this type of distance therapy that is gaining more and more followers. In recent decades, online therapy has been gaining ground as a therapeutic option due to its multiple benefits for mental health, it is very comfortable, does not require travel, and adapts better to the schedule of many people, among many

Companies That Invest In Mindfulness Are More Productive

These are the advantages of the application of Mindfulness in the organizational and professional environment. What do internationally recognized companies like Nike, Heineken, Apple, Procter & Gamble, Google, Coca Cola, Starbucks or Deustche Bank have in common? Among other things, they have incorporated Mindfulness-based programs into their way of working with the aim of optimizing

The Use Of Mindfulness In Addictions

Mindfulness can be a powerful therapeutic tool against addictions. Addiction is a current problem that affects millions of people, so it is normal that a lot is invested in researching ways to curb it through various types of therapy. Although there is no magic cure capable of eliminating the problem in a very short time

The True Power Of Mindfulness In Sport

The use of Mindfulness can help to take control of the situation in the sports context. Mindfulness, or Mindfulness, is a state of mind oriented to the present moment that is not only effective in the treatment of underlying mood disorders in elite athletes, but also makes it easier for them to perform as they