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David Mcclelland’s Theory Of Motivations

This well-known psychologist proposed a theory about three universal human needs. David McClelland’s theory of motivations is one of the best-known psychological models of human needs, especially in business and organizations. In this article we will analyze McClelland’s theory of the three needs and the most significant antecedents for its emergence. We will focus mainly

10 Ideas To Regain Motivation At Work

If you feel a little frustrated with the work routine … read these tips. We are human, different from robots and machines, and as such not every day our mood is the same. There are many people who, although they dedicate their time and effort to an area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir liking, do not always get

Abram Amsel’s Theory Of Frustration

An explanation about the feeling of discomfort that we experience when not reaching our goals. From the annals of history, from the creation of civilizations to the present day, the human being has been characterized mainly by aspiring to achieve success, achieving the goals that one sets for himself and consequently pursuing new objectives to

The Theory Of Reinforcement Sensitivity: Summary, And What It Proposes

This theory relates ideas about learning, about motivation and about neuroscience. Personality is a complex dimension that describes the behavioral, cognitive and emotional pattern of an individual; through which it expresses itself as an independent being within human multiplicity. The scientific interest in knowing what personality is and how it manifests itself has led many