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Interview With Fernando Callejo: Psychology To Help Musicians

This psychologist and coach has helped musicians to face the creative process. Historically, the use of music is one of the characteristics that distinguishes us from other animal species. This is not a superficial feature about our psychology, precisely; we experience the properties of misical through basic mental processes in the functioning of our brain,

40 Great Phrases From Famous Songs In History

Popular music leaves us great reflections in its lyrics. Throughout history, music has accompanied us in all kinds of moments. Both in joys and sorrows, in situations of dejection or close emotional connection with another person (it is not uncommon to hear a couple talk about “our song”), there are many songs that have been

The 20 Best Phrases Of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

We review several famous quotes from the great Austrian composer. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791) was one of the most acclaimed and remembered classical composers and pianists even in our time. Born in the cradle of classical music, Austria, he developed a precocious and incredible career in which he covered any musical style of