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The Influence Of Television On Our Society

Some television networks cause alarming cognitive decline among viewers. The influence capacity of television, both through soap operas, entertainment, advertisements, television news …, is widely recognized and has important and persistent repercussions, both at the cognitive and civic and political levels. How does television influence us? Based on the article “The Political Legacy of Entertainment

The “porqueyolovalguismo”: The Philosophy Of The Narcissist Applied To Daily Life

People who display their moral superiority and claim the rights of others. So they are. We have spoken several times about narcissism. This way of being close to the pathological refers to those people whose admiration for themselves is exaggerated. Of course, this way of thinking also crystallizes in actions and attitudes that are palpable

Donald Trump’s Personality, In 15 Traits

The current President of the United States, psychologically dissected. The world is surprised that Donald Trump is the new president of the United States, but the truth is that the people have voted for him, in part, because of the personality traits that are expressed in his rallies. It is clear that numerous factors have

Foucault And The Tragedy Of The Commons

Michel Foucault, the Tragedy of the Commons and Crossfit. What do they have in common? In political science, and more specifically in the field of collective action, there is a key concept: the Tragedy of the Commons. It is an idea that focuses the study on the existence of situations in which an agent, in

Is Psychology Really Effective?

Some people criticize psychology as if it were a monolithic set of dogmas. Psychology has always been at the center of a hurricane of debate and discussion. The different theories and hypotheses that have emerged from it directly challenge us as human beings, and that is why, in many of the topics it deals with,

Psychologists Don’t Sell Their Empathy

Psychologists are often criticized for having well-formed opinions and not giving them up. Perhaps due to the influence of counseling , perhaps due to the influence of  humanistic psychology, there are many people who believe that psychologists are characterized, basically, by being a kind of mystics.  Not the kind of mystics so alienated that it