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The 13 Types Of Headache (and Their Symptoms And Causes)

Headaches can be classified according to their warning signs. Headache or headache is a very common problem that can become disabling if its intensity or frequency is high. While the most common types of headaches are not due to disease and are therefore not dangerous, others are symptomatic of underlying conditions that require medical treatment.

Vasopressin (antidiuretic Hormone): These Are Its Functions

This hormone regulates the reabsorption of water molecules and therefore promotes fluid retention. Hormones are chemical compounds that, when released by the endocrine glands into the blood or the nervous system of living beings, exert modulating effects on the functions of other cells and body structures. One of the most relevant and well-known human hormones

The 5 Differences Between Nociceptive Pain And Neuropathic Pain

Two types of experiences based on displeasure but that can be distinguished from each other. Among the advances and scientific knowledge brought by the 20th century is the detailed description of the physiological mechanisms that allow us to experience pain. From there, the latter has been defined taking into account different elements. For example, according