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Fear Of Colors (chromophobia): Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

We explain the characteristics, symptoms and causes of this rare phobia. The world of psychopathology is a complex world, and there are many disorders that human beings can experience. Personality, mood, anxiety disorders … the latter are one of the most frequent reasons for psychological consultation. Among the different types of anxiety disorders, phobias stand

Hallucinosis: Causes And Characteristics Of This Alteration

This type of drug-associated perceptual disturbance can be confused with hallucinations. The brain is an extremely complex organ that is responsible for, among many other things, processing all sensory information, that is, controlling everything we perceive around us. But there are certain situations in which our brain plays with these perceptions, giving rise to the

Blind Vision: Causes And Symptoms Of ‘seeing Without Knowing What One Sees’

This neurological disorder causes some people to see despite believing they are totally blind. His eyes work fine, they are intact. But they say they see nothing. And they really see, without knowing that they see. This curious phenomenon is what happens to people who suffer from blind vision, a neurological disorder caused by brain

Why Do People Believe In Conspiracies?

One of the reasons some believe in these theories is the desire to feel different. There is a large number of people (although statistically it is a minority), who have conspiratorial beliefs. These people interpret different events in a different way than the majority, not accepting the official version and looking for an alternative vision